Gallys Bar Restaurant

Gallys Bar & Restaurant

Prior to starting work with Attention Grabbers, the Business had no website and method to take orders online. All order taking was done over the phone and was incredibly labour intensive especially with regard to Payments. The business also had no means to contact its customers using email or any form of business automation to support all the customer queries 

The Solution

The Attention Grabber team worked with Gally’s Bar & Restaurant 3 areas. 

Brand Building, Business Automation & Business Scaling. 

Brand Building – Working with Attention Grabbers created significant Growth Across both Facebook and Instagram and the highest engaged Facebook page in this business area and sector for over 18 months. 

To solve the problem of online ordering Attention Grabbers built a complete online E2E ordering system with full payment integration connecting directly to the client account, thus reducing the fee’s been paid to other providers such as JUSTEAT by over 12% per order

Business Automation – The Attention Grabber team built various types of chatbots build on both Facebook and Instagram pages from customer service chatbots, to order taking chatbots to competition chatbots and subscribing over 3k subscribers in just 15 months and continuing to grow rapidly

Business Growth & Scaling – Attention Grabbers ran Facebook ads on behalf of the clients and also optimised the site for SEO creating a #1 on Google with Website Traffic – 64,341 to date

With all the above variables working seamlessly with the Attention Grabbers Team the restaurant moved from 30 to number 1 on TripAdvisor and was names in the top 100 restaurants in the world. 

Working with Aoife at Attention Grabbers has been a breath of Fresh Air assisting us greatly in streamlining our digital Marketing. While she goes above and beyond the call of duty for her clients at every turn , she is also dynamic professional and very easily to deal with. Working with Attention Grabbers got us to #1 on TripAdvisor within 6 months and build our email list from 0 to almost 3000 within 12 months.

Mr Francis Galvin