Attention Grabbers

LeakBusters Roofing

Services Provided:

1. Facebook Ad Services with Digital Avatars: Attention Grabbers developed and managed a targeted Facebook ad campaign for Leakbusters Roofing, utilizing digital avatars to engage key demographics, increase brand awareness, and drive potential clients to the company’s services.
2. LinkedIn Management: Our agency managed Leakbusters Roofing’s LinkedIn account, developing lead generation strategies to connect with key decision-makers and drive engagement with potential clients.
3. Content Creation: We created engaging content for Leakbusters Roofing’s LinkedIn account, highlighting the company’s services, success stories, and industry insights. This content reinforced Leakbusters Roofing’s brand and educated potential clients.


1. Expanded Reach: The combination of Facebook ads with digital avatars and LinkedIn lead generation significantly expanded Leakbusters Roofing’s reach, connecting them with new potential clients and key industry stakeholders.
2. Enhanced Brand Presence: The comprehensive content creation strategy strengthened Leakbusters Roofing’s brand presence, establishing its reputation as a trusted provider of roofing services.
3. Improved Engagement: The social media strategies led to higher engagement across Facebook and LinkedIn channels, connecting Leakbusters Roofing with a broader audience and driving inquiries.


The digital marketing strategies implemented by Attention Grabbers helped Leakbusters Roofing expand its reach, improve engagement, and enhance its brand presence. Through targeted Facebook ads with digital avatars, LinkedIn management, and content creation, Leakbusters Roofing connected with a broader audience, grew its client base, and solidified its position in the roofing industry.