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Attention Grabbing Chatbot Trends to Keep on Your Radar in 2022


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The future is going to be heck of a lot different than it was before. And with all these changes comes new opportunities for innovation! A few decades ago, people couldn’t have imagined how much technology would change our world in just 20 years’ time – let alone 100 or more…Social media has become an integral part of most lives across generations; we communicate constantly online but only meet offline once every couple months at best (if ever). We live an era of instant communication and chatbots are to the forefront of the innovation for the next decade.

Chatbots are a godsend for businesses and customers alike. They provide the quick response that people expect, but also handle transactions—and even help with customer support! More than ever before in this digital age of ours, chat software is necessary to make sure everything runs smoothly across all areas. Chatbots are being used by more than half of small businesses to better connect with customers. Experts estimate that by 2027, the worldwide market for chatbot technology will be worth $454 million in revenue – and it’s only going up from there!

Implementing a Chatbot is a great way to have your business’s voice heard by customers. They can do everything from ordering takeout, providing customer service and even taking reservations! There is one problem though: not enough people know about them yet or use them often, so they don’t get boring quickly.

To make sure you’re getting value out of these technologies, I recommend keeping up with what’s trending in chatbot technology today – as well as where this market might be headed next?

Lets’s take a look …

  1. Chatbots are a new way for brands and companies to connect with their customers in an interactive, personal manner. As more industries lean towards using these bots instead of phone calls or emails due the expense that it takes just as much time-wise; insurance agents who want access information on offer without having call during office hours will be able do so at any point through messaging apps which can be set up by your company page if they don’t have one yet!
  2. Some industries are more likely to rely on chatbots than others. The insurance and financial services market for bots is projected by 2030, which currently sits at a $586 million valuation in 2019 with an increase up 1,000% forecasted — reaching 6-8 billion dollars as opposed to 2 billion today!
  3. As chatbots continue to grow in popularity, one trend is that conversational AI bot copy works best. Educate your customers about the bot without being too robotic or obvious – make it feel like a conversation between people instead of just reading words off of an artificial intelligence system! ManyChat allows you to build conversational chatbots that replicate natural discussions, while also using rich media like GIFs, images, and videos within the conversation. It’s much more engaging than walls of text. 
  4. Not only do chatbots offer customer service agents an opportunity for relief, but they also provide a way to incorporate payment alternatives. Chatbots are powerful tools that connect with the payment infrastructure and provide businesses enough data to encourage conversation-driven upselling of their products or services.
  5. Chatbots are great for taking payment from customers outside of your eCommerce website, but they can also help you handle any conversations that happen after someone clicks “buy”. In the past, customers were left in suspense as to when their orders would be fulfilled. Now they can chat with a bot and get updates on where things stand at any given time! ManyChat’s new intuitive Flow platform is powered by artificial intelligence which means that each purchase has been customized for you exclusively – just like how life should work
  6. Ask your customers for feedback! This chatbot trend won’t let you forget. The vast majority (95%) look at online reviews throughout this process; however despite knowing how important it is that we get these opinions delivered straight away – many brands forget about asking until much later into production or even right before shipping out orders which can cause some pretty major headaches down the line.
  7. You can take advantage of Facebook and Instagram click-to-Messenger ads by running them through your business’s account. This gives people who see it in their news feed a way to contact you. As soon as you click on it, a chatbot starts up right away. You can ask anything about our product and get personalized help in real time!
  8. You can now pool conversations from different messaging apps. You can now manage all of your chats in one place and get customer data for each conversation without having to switch between platforms or remember what was said on which messenger app!

If you haven’t already, now is the time to invest in chatbot technology. These bots will be part of any sales or marketing campaign and can greatly increase your ROI by offering more personal service than traditional methods while also being cheaper (and less prone) to human errors! If you want to be on the cutting edge of marketing with so many bots being developed and released every day, it is a surefire way for your company’s message or product offerings to reach potential clients who are always looking at new technology options online!

Aoife Roche
Founder of Attention Grabbers